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Forum Rules

Post by Robot Dragon on Sat Feb 18, 2017 8:47 pm

The Rules
Last updated: 17/02/18
Here are a list of the forum rules for users to view at any point in time. If anything is unclear to you, please PM an administrator or moderator for clarification.

Forum Etiquette
Bumping (ex. posting nothing informal/interesting) a topic is not permitted.
Flooding the boards is not permitted.
Quote who you are responding to, or @ them in your post. (If I was responding to Sundrop, I would post "@Sundrop, hello forum administrator!")
Report any posts that break forum rules. Do not mini mod.
Do not use an excessive amount of emojis. We know; they can be a lot of fun but they can slow down the entire webpage from loading. Limit yourself to 3 or less.

Two threads about the same subject should not exist. If there is a topic posted about Peril's life growing up, there should not be another one created unless the old thread has been inactive for a minimum of 2 weeks.
Posting inappropriate content such as sexual, racial, religious abuse or explicit material will not be tolerated and can result in a severe suspension or ban.
Discussion of illegal file share, streaming or bypassing copyright is not allowed.
Personal details should not be revealed on the public forum. Please be safe and protect yourselves and your private information.
Advertising outside of your signature or profile is not permitted.

Forum Language
This forum is intended to be communicated on with the English language only; meaning that you cannot speak Italian or Spanish on the public boards. Private messages are OK, but those privileges may be revoked if a member harasses another user in a language aside from English and a suspension or ban may come into play.

Due to the series having a younger audience, it is preferred that any cuss words are not used here. Keep it to a minimum if you must.
We should treat everyone with respect, regardless of our feelings towards each other. Please do not interact with a user if there is tension between you and them. We are not the board to:
Harass users
Reveal private information about users
Mini mod
We desire everyone to treat each other kindly, respectfully and the way we ourselves want to be treated.
Opinions are opinions. Do not disrespect one's belief of a character or subject.

Signature Rules
Small images in signatures (150x150 or less) are permitted. 5 per person.
Large images (anything above 150x150) are limited to 2 per person.
Image size limit is 500x200px. Here is an example:

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